Samantha Manss ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Samantha Manss

Senior Human Resources Manager

Samantha is a big fan of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. She brings a fresh perspective to her work, too.
About Samantha
Santa Cruz County, California

Samantha Manss is empathetic and a great listener – both traits that serve her well as a member of ROI Communication’s Human Resources team.

“I really like the people aspect of the work,” she said, such as recruiting, matching people with the right projects, managing benefits and helping the company grow.

Samantha, who joined the ROI team in 2010, honed her skills while serving as the office manager for Engineered Design, her family’s landscape design firm. But she traces her spirit of empathy and intense focus to the years she spent caring for and competing atop her horse, Sebastian, in English dressage.

“In dressage, you have to be highly observant, focused and consistent. If you want things to go smoothly, everything needs to be done a certain way,” she said. “That holds true in HR as well.”

When she’s not at work, Samantha still rides, reads, and – as an avid crafter – makes books of inspirational images and quotes for friends. One of her favorite lines comes from Henry David Thoreau, who noted that “…all good things are wild and free.”