Scott Lum

Web Architect and UX Design Expert

Scott paddled his outrigger canoe from Maui to Molokai islands in a race traversing 26 miles of open ocean. He helps ROI’s clients navigate stormy seas with confidence, too.

As someone who races Hawaiian outrigger canoes, Scott Lum is no stranger to challenges, whether those are high winds, big waves or tough competitors. And when it comes to his work designing rich user experiences on the web, he approaches it with the same awareness and intensity.

Scott, who began collaborating with ROI Communications in 2010, started his career in product development and system manufacturing in the semiconductor industry. He then became an onsite applications engineer for several years before advancing to sales and marketing roles at a variety of high-tech companies. An entrepreneur at heart, Scott started his first web design company in 1994, securing angel investment funding and landing clients such as Sun Microsystems, 3Com and TV station KOFY WB20. Scott currently focuses on web UI/UX design and information architecture, helping companies build web solutions featuring great user experiences.

Scott earned a BS in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Software Programming from San Jose State University. He has also served as an advisory board member to various startups, including Thrive Research, a software company creating wellness-related software in collaboration with Stanford’s School of Medicine. When he’s not working with clients or racing his outrigger canoe, Scott volunteers at an animal shelter to help rehabilitate lost or abused German Shepherds so they can be placed in good homes.