Scott Watkins

Senior Consultant

Temperatures inside Disney costumes can often exceed 100 degrees. But when Scott advises clients, he always keeps a cool head.

One of the most valuable lessons Scott Watkins learned as a communicator came from the long, sweltering hours he spent dressed as Geppetto at Disneyland – work so hot he had to change the clothes beneath his costume four times a day.

“I learned that everyone wants to believe in something,” Scott said. “And that taught me empathy – that I have a responsibility to see and feel things from other people’s perspectives. That insight has guided me ever since.”

Scott joined the ROI Communication team in 2019, bringing 20 years of leadership experience in corporate communication, employee engagement, change management, investor relations and public relations. But whether he was working in insurance, technology, energy, the grocery industry, an HR startup or banking, all shared a common denominator – people who wanted to feel good about their daily work.

“A business always has goals and needs, and I try to explain those in terms that employees will care about,” he said. “Again, it comes down to empathy. At the end of the day, as long as I’m asking the right questions and understand the why of what we’re doing, I can communicate that. Good communication should not be complicated.”

Scott earned a BA in Communications from Cal State Fullerton and a Certificate in HR Management from the University of California, Irvine. He began his career as a Communications Manager at Pacific Life, a job he credits with sparking his interest in employee engagement and communication. In subsequent years, he held leadership communication roles at Cisco, Safeway, ECOtality, GuideSpark, and Bank of the West.

When he’s not advising ROI clients, Scott enjoys spending time with his young son, cooking, reading, fundraising for United Way, and housecleaning on Saturday mornings – a chore that helps satisfy his penchant for organization.