Yolande Sukal

Graphic Designer

A native of Trinidad, Yolande grew up in a gritty part of Brooklyn, studied design on the Australian coast, and now calls California home. Her perspective as an outsider helps clients see design challenges from new angles.

As a graphic and UX designer, Yolande Sukal subscribes to a counterintuitive truth – that some things can be too attractive for their own good. “Embellishment distracts from cognition, which can reduce functionality,” she said. “So I try to keep it simple. What can I take away to give people just what they need, when they need it, and nothing more?”

Yolande joined the ROI Communication team with more than a decade of design experience in multiple industries, collaborating to create digital textbooks for students, recruiting tools for early childhood educators, interactive retail demos for smartphone customers, and a website to advance racial healing across America.

“Design isn’t what I do. It’s who I am,” Yolande said. “Good design gives people more clout and greater relevancy, and I love putting my talents to work to help them make a difference.”

Yolande traces this passion for design to her teenage years, when she conceived and designed a book of poetry, art and photography from fans of the Australian pop duo Savage Garden, best known for their 1997 hit “Truly Madly Deeply.”

“Could I do this for a job?” she wondered. That early interest in design eventually led Yolande to pursue visual studies at Newcastle University in Australia, and subsequently at Platt College – a Los Angeles design school – where she earned a BA in Visual Communication.

Afterward, she went to work as a graphic designer at American Glazing, a major window and glass manufacturer; at the Alma Group, an interactive communications agency; at Lunchbox, a national graphic design firm; and at Rosetta, a digital interactive ad agency that was purchased during her tenure by SapientRazorfish, a Publicis Group company.

She has also volunteered her services for local charities such as Reach Out and Read Los Angeles, and served as a guest instructor at her alma mater, helping students launch their own design careers. “I want my work to make the world a better place,” she said.

When she’s not designing for clients, Yolande enjoys home improvement projects, playing with her two rescue dogs – a Boxer and a Shar Pei – and nature photography. She lives with her husband in San Luis Obispo.