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Welcome to the ROI AI Resources Hub

As AI barrels its way into the communication professional’s universe, we wanted to ensure the information and research we at ROI have found most valuable is shared with our communication peers and clients. Please contact us if you have additional resources for communicators that you think would be valuable to include here. We will be updating this regularly with new resources and links.

AI Webinars

ROI Tech Talk, March 2024
Exploring Popular AI Tools for Communicators

ROI Tech Talk, August 2023
Deep Dive on Prompt Engineering and ChatGPT for Content

ROI Tech Talk, June 2023
The Power of AI and Chat GPT in Internal Communications – Abbreviated Replay

Staffbase AI Bootcamp, Pt. 2, October 2023
Ethical Concerns with AI

For Internal Communicators

ROI IABC Webinar , August 2023
IC Trends and Gen AI

Staffbase AI Bootcamp, June 2023
Addressing the Concerns with AI