Frequently asked questions

about the ROI Benchmark

Through our ROI Benchmark Report, we’ve clearly demonstrated
that a robust, effective employee communication function leads to better financial performance.

The ROI Benchmark Survey and Report


What is the ROI Benchmark?

The ROI Benchmark is a survey that measures the scope and effectiveness of employee communications at the world’s leading companies, and explores the relationship between these elements and overall financial performance. The study’s goal is to help companies quantify, understand and increase the impact of their employee communications to deepen engagement and improve business results.

How was The ROI Benchmark developed?

The ROI Benchmark and the ROI Communication Model were developed by ROI, the world’s leading consulting firm focused exclusively on employee communication and engagement. The development team included statisticians and experienced employee communication professionals.

What does The ROI Benchmark measure?

The ROI Benchmark identifies and quantifies:

  • The link between employee communication and a company’s financial performance
  • The systems and processes that are used to plan and facilitate communication within a company
  • How effectively leaders and managers communicate with employees
  • How well organizations cultivate a culture of open, honest communication

What is the ROI Communication Model?

The ROI Communication Model is a strategic planning and management framework that helps organizations improve the performance of their employee communication functions. The ROI Communication Model measures three core areas critical to effective employee communications: Leader and Manager Communication, Open Communication Culture, and Communication Infrastructure.

Is my company eligible to participate in the ROI Benchmark survey?

All companies with at least 2,000 employees are invited to participate in the ROI Benchmark. The data and analysis in the final report will be useful to all companies, regardless of size.

Why should I participate in the ROI Benchmark Survey?

By participating, your company will be able to:

  • Quantify your employee communication function’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how your function stacks up against peers and the industry
  • Get the industry data you need to support your communication strategy
  • Identify where you should invest resources to make the greatest impact

How many companies will be participating in the survey? Who is participating?

All Fortune 500-level companies and organizations—including private companies—are invited to participate. 100+ companies were included in the report in both 2013, 2015 and 2017.

Will my data be kept confidential?

Yes. All data collected, whether it is used in the final report or not, will remain confidential.


Is there a cost to participate in the survey?

There is no charge to participate if the survey is completed by the deadline. Organizations participating by the deadline will receive a complimentary copy of the next ROI Benchmark Report. After the deadline, you can take the survey with your purchase of a customized report.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

In most cases, the online survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your answers will be saved as you go, so you may complete the survey in more than one session, as your schedule permits.

Do I have to complete all of the questions?

No. Only your contact information and company name is mandatory, but the more questions you answer the better data and results we can share.

What’s the deadline for completing the survey?

The deadline to complete the survey will be announced in your invitation to take the survey. Interested organizations should register for the survey to receive an invitation to participate in our next ROI Benchmark survey.

Who from my company should complete the survey?

In most cases, the survey should be completed by the person in charge of employee communications. Only one survey from each company may be submitted.

What does the ROI Benchmark Report include?

The ROI Benchmark Report measures the scope and effectiveness of employee communications at the world’s leading companies, and explores the relationship between employee communication and overall financial performance. The report helps companies quantify and understand the impact of their employee communications to deepen engagement and improve business results.

How will my organization’s name and/or data be used?

Your organization’s name may be listed as a participant in the ROI Benchmark Report, but your data will remain confidential. All data from your organization will be incorporated into an aggregate report; no identifying information will be included.

Who will have access to the ROI Benchmark Report?

In addition to being shared with survey participants, the ROI Benchmark Report will be available for purchase on the ROI website.

What related products and services does ROI offer?

ROI helps companies bring their best to the world through the power of communication. Offering both strategic counsel and hands-on support, our team of consultants can help your organization with:

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