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ROI started with a team of four. Since then we’ve grown to almost 100 internal communication consultants—among them, a former presidential speechwriter; an author of eight bestsellers; an elite equestrian trainer; a 25-time marathon runner; a race car driver; an award-winning illustrator; a Napa Valley winemaker; a world-traveling bicyclist; a runway model; and so many more.

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Barbara Baill

A member of ROI’s Board of Directors since 2002, Barbara Baill has been a Human Resources executive for more than… Continue reading Barbara Baill

Melanie Barna

Many people identify themselves either logical or creative, analytical or intuitive – the myth that you’re either the left-brained or… Continue reading Melanie Barna

Claire Berney

Claire Berney’s first job was working for a Bay Area music magazine that covered new record launches and live shows.… Continue reading Claire Berney

Cathy Boone

As a photographer exploring Yosemite Valley, Cathy Boone once endured hours in freezing, pouring rain to capture the first ray… Continue reading Cathy Boone

Julie Boyce

Designer Julie Boyce believes that if people can see an idea, it’s much easier for them to feel it. And… Continue reading Julie Boyce

Mark Briggs

When Mark Briggs packed a U-Haul and moved from New York City to San Francisco in 1996, several of the… Continue reading Mark Briggs

Kristin Brownstone

Kristin’s professional storytelling work spans nearly three decades in the areas of strategic communication, narrative development, journalism and executive speaker… Continue reading Kristin Brownstone

Stacy Cintas

When Stacy Cintas moved to Hawaii for college, nobody told her that Oahu’s tsunami sirens were tested once a month.… Continue reading Stacy Cintas

Diana Cortina

As an Art Director, Diana Cortina has tackled hundreds of projects in her career – websites, logos, presentations, ads, newsletters… Continue reading Diana Cortina

Ashley Cullen

As a millennial born and raised in San Jose – the birthplace of Silicon Valley – Ashley Cullen is a… Continue reading Ashley Cullen

Sharon Cullen

Sharon Cullen loves to make sense out of chaos — aligning structure, process and messaging to help large organizations achieve… Continue reading Sharon Cullen

Roger D’Aprix

Roger D’Aprix observes a contradiction in today’s corporate environment: management’s focus on profitability and the value of creating a work… Continue reading Roger D’Aprix

Tara Davis

When Tara Davis decides to do something, she gets it done. After losing a popular co-worker to cancer, she organized… Continue reading Tara Davis

Luisa Diaz Jimmerson

When Luisa Diaz Jimmerson arrived in the United States as a refugee from Cuba, she was just three years old… Continue reading Luisa Diaz Jimmerson

Dean Elsie

Dean Elsie was cross-country skiing through Yellowstone National Park when he came face-to-face with a herd of massive bison, pawing… Continue reading Dean Elsie

Julie Eufemi

Whatever Julie Eufemi does, she does to perfection. When she decided to join a drum corps, she helped her team… Continue reading Julie Eufemi

Barbara Fagan

Barbara Fagan is the founder and CEO of ROI and has three decades of experience in business, corporate communications and… Continue reading Barbara Fagan

Katy Fairman

Throughout her career as a communication professional, Katy Fairman has developed and managed a broad range of communication initiatives for… Continue reading Katy Fairman

Catherine Forman

Catherine Forman has worked in corporate communication for nearly two decades, developing a deep expertise in strategic planning and employee… Continue reading Catherine Forman

Cindy Ann Ganaden

With more than two decades of experience in graphic design, Cindy Ann Ganaden has developed an acute ability to translate… Continue reading Cindy Ann Ganaden

Lesli Gee

As an expert in change management, Lesli Gee helps organizations achieve their full potential. “Change management and communication are two… Continue reading Lesli Gee

Eileen Gillette

For Eileen Gillette, accounting is a lot like detective work. In both cases, you’re looking for missing information and can’t… Continue reading Eileen Gillette

Andrea Gonzalez

For Andrea Gonzalez, marketing is part science, part alchemy. And as someone who honed her craft at some of the… Continue reading Andrea Gonzalez

Kelly Hanlon

Kelly Hanlon knows how to help large, complex organizations communicate well under pressure. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, she… Continue reading Kelly Hanlon

Ginny Henzi

Ginny Henzi is the executive assistant to CEO, Barbara Fagan. Ginny brings over 20 years of administrative experience to ROI,… Continue reading Ginny Henzi

Lucy Heskin

A communication professional with broad project management experience, Lucy Heskin specializes in writing, designing and overseeing tailored communication projects for… Continue reading Lucy Heskin

KareyAnne Hill-Peterson

When KareyAnne Hill-Peterson approaches a graphic design project, she always asks herself the same questions: what is the main idea?… Continue reading KareyAnne Hill-Peterson

Kat Hsueh

Most people who work in Human Resources are risk-averse. Kat Hsueh races her Porsche 911, sometimes reaching speeds of 130… Continue reading Kat Hsueh

Jodi Huffman

Jodi Huffman has dedicated nearly 20 years of her career to developing internal communication programs that engage employees and help… Continue reading Jodi Huffman

Liz Hutchison Taff

As Vice President and head of ROI’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) team, Liz leads the creation and execution of digital… Continue reading Liz Hutchison Taff

Jennie Ivory

As a communications professional who spent years working in the housing industry, Jennie Ivory knows that how you communicate is… Continue reading Jennie Ivory

Stacey Jacobs

Stacey Jacobs perfected the fundamentals of effective communication in an unforgiving crucible – teaching underprivileged fifth-grade boys how to become… Continue reading Stacey Jacobs

Erika Jensen

Erika Jensen can move mountains – virtually, at least. Years ago, as a public relations associate working at Yosemite National… Continue reading Erika Jensen

Catherine Jordan

When Catherine Jordan communicates, she strives for three things: honesty, transparency and clarity. “If you truly want to connect with… Continue reading Catherine Jordan

Cynthia Judkins

Cynthia Judkins knows more than most about creating environments that inspire employees to deliver extraordinary results, year after year. The… Continue reading Cynthia Judkins

Jacqueline Justice

As a graphic designer, Jacqueline Justice believes that less is more. Not just because she personally prefers a cleaner visual… Continue reading Jacqueline Justice

Katie Kagel

When a corporation she was advising decided to cut employee health benefits, Katie Kagel was asked to develop a communications… Continue reading Katie Kagel

Marta Karpinska-Dean

As a reporter for Reuters, Marta Karpinska-Dean translated complex issues into concise narratives, with total accuracy, on tight deadlines. Now… Continue reading Marta Karpinska-Dean

Scott Kaul

As a journalist, Scott Kaul focused on three things: uncovering the facts, determining their relevance, and translating this information into… Continue reading Scott Kaul

John Kidon

With the U.S. Army firing shot after shot directly at him, John Kidon stayed alert, cool and focused. Why? As… Continue reading John Kidon

Kerstin King

Rowing stroke for the University of Southern California, it was Kerstin King’s job to set the pace for her boat… Continue reading Kerstin King

Tonia King

As a practitioner of Bikram Yoga, Tonia King strives for holistic perfection, knowing that there is always room for improvement.… Continue reading Tonia King

Jenna Kuhl

Jenna Kuhl’s first job out of school started at 4 in the morning and ran full throttle for a dozen… Continue reading Jenna Kuhl

Eric Lamothe

As a CPA with nearly 30 years of experience, Eric Lamothe has seen his share of spreadsheets. And if all… Continue reading Eric Lamothe

Christy Lang

Christy Lang believes that people make smarter decisions, collaborate better and feel more energized when they know that their work… Continue reading Christy Lang

Emery Lees

Though we live in the age of social media, Emery Lees’ views on such technology were subtly shaped by months… Continue reading Emery Lees

Sheryl Lewis

Sheryl Lewis is the president of ROI and a founding member of the agency. In her 21 years with the… Continue reading Sheryl Lewis

Jeff Lewonczyk

As a cartoonist, illustrator and former actor who studies illuminated manuscripts in his spare time, Jeff Lewonczyk isn’t your typical… Continue reading Jeff Lewonczyk

Melissa Logan

Melissa Logan once grew so frustrated with an artless rendering of Virgil’s Aeneid that she re-translated the original Latin poem… Continue reading Melissa Logan

Michael Lynberg

Michael Lynberg is a writer whose intelligence, curiosity, empathy and humanity shine through his work. And in a noisy media… Continue reading Michael Lynberg

Jennifer Lynch

Over the past several decades, Jennifer Lynch has helped a wide range of companies design and implement strategic communication programs,… Continue reading Jennifer Lynch

Rory Macleod

When his meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook finally started — long past the time it was scheduled to end… Continue reading Rory Macleod

Kate MacSwain

Kate MacSwain loves translating complex ideas into clear and understandable language, whether that language is expressed in words or graphics,… Continue reading Kate MacSwain

Samantha Manss

Samantha Manss is empathetic and a great listener – both traits that serve her well as a member of ROI… Continue reading Samantha Manss

Lisa Marks

Lisa Marks believes in living a life you don’t need a vacation from – one rich with family and friends,… Continue reading Lisa Marks

Rosanna Menza

Rosanna Menza has a passion for designing mazes – a challenge that is not only aesthetic but also rigorously intellectual.… Continue reading Rosanna Menza

Beth Miller Thiel

In the age of social media, Beth Miller Thiel believes that companies need good writing more than ever – in… Continue reading Beth Miller Thiel

Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Mitchell believes that life’s most valuable commodity is time, so she tries not to waste hers – nor that… Continue reading Jennifer Mitchell

Majbritt Murmann

As a digital communication expert with many years of experience, Majbritt Murmann has helped clients navigate constant technological change, all… Continue reading Majbritt Murmann

Lori Nolin

Lori Nolin got her start in communications as a cub reporter for a Cape Cod weekly, living in a camper… Continue reading Lori Nolin

Bobbi Padilla

A well-rounded and versatile communicator, Bobbi Padilla helps clients seamlessly and effectively execute complex, time-sensitive projects that range from worldwide… Continue reading Bobbi Padilla

Kristina Paster

Kristina Paster admits that although she can improvise when necessary, she is not the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. But that’s just as… Continue reading Kristina Paster

Linda Pederson

Linda Pederson is a proven communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in internal and external communications, media… Continue reading Linda Pederson

Julie Philipsen

“I learned storytelling from them and absorbed the pioneer attitude that, if you studied in school and worked hard enough,… Continue reading Julie Philipsen

Judy Rivera

If growing up on her family’s wheat farm taught Judy Rivera one lesson, it’s that you work until a job… Continue reading Judy Rivera

Denise Rotman

While most people learn cursive with pencil and paper, Denise Rotman learned with shaving cream. And though decades have passed… Continue reading Denise Rotman

Kelly Scott

Kelly Scott’s first job was at a company that manufactured PVC pipe. There, she ran the company switchboard, sorted mail,… Continue reading Kelly Scott

Janice Smith Collins

Growing up in a small farming community, Janice Smith Collins learned an important truth that has served her well in… Continue reading Janice Smith Collins

Molly Souksamlane

An expert in accounting, Molly Souksamlane was once asked to detail how her employer had spent a complex, $1.2 million… Continue reading Molly Souksamlane

Dawn Speed

Dawn Speed discovered her passion for communication early in life. As a teen, she was a reporter/photographer for her hometown… Continue reading Dawn Speed

Virginia Stefan

Virginia Stefan believes that listening to employees and leaders is the key to successful communication. “Throwing spaghetti at the wall… Continue reading Virginia Stefan

Christine Style

Christine Style launched her career as a documentary photographer for a public utility, working to capture the stories and perspectives… Continue reading Christine Style

Anju Treohan

At a recent charity auction, Anju Treohan was intrigued by a tiny sculpture: two miniature dollhouse rocking chairs conjoined by… Continue reading Anju Treohan

Tania Ulrich

Convincing someone to take a vacation might seem like an easy sell, but in a culture where work is often… Continue reading Tania Ulrich

Kristina Wallan

For more than a thousand years, a redwood tree overlooking the Pacific Ocean slowly grew in silent majesty. In more… Continue reading Kristina Wallan

Paul Weigel

As someone who has finished several Ironman triathlons, Paul Weigel understands that when people are given a task or challenge,… Continue reading Paul Weigel

Kavon Zamanian

Kavon Zamanian is a self-described pixel-pusher, translating static images and graphics into dynamic animations that engage, entertain and inform. “I… Continue reading Kavon Zamanian

Becky Zlatunich

Becky Zlatunich approaches every project systematically. “I’m a very process-oriented person,” she said. “I love complex, organizational challenges, and getting… Continue reading Becky Zlatunich


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