The ROI Benchmark™ Results

Discover the trends, challenges and impact of employee communication

Communicators across industries and size are experiencing growing channel noise, relentless organizational change, and ever-evolving employee expectations. The world of work is changing, and along with it, the role of the communicator in addressing the workplace challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Key findings

IC teams are doing more than ever, yet don’t expect added resources

Noise and burnout are on the rise for communicators and employees alike

Companies are struggling with communication ecosystems and their digital toolbox is overflowing

About The ROI Benchmark

Discover the trends, challenges, and impact of employee communication

A trusted source for the past decade, the ROI Benchmark provides communication professionals with a view into the future of communication, allowing them to discover emerging trends and measure their organization’s efforts against other leading companies. Participation in the ROI Benchmark is open to senior communication professionals. Past participants have included top Fortune 500 companies and those who complete the survey receive a copy of the ROI Benchmark report plus a complimentary strategic session with a senior ROI advisor.

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