Dedicated, hands-on staffing support for as little, or as long, as you need.

Short or long-term staffing support

These days, people are constantly on the move — changing jobs, taking leaves, moving to new places. While that’s great for employees, it can be a major disruption to your business, costing both time and money to find their replacement. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

For more than 20 years, ROI has been providing staffing support for clients in every industry, helping them weather the disruptions that arise from sudden staff movement or tightened budget constraints.

Each of our temporary support team members are experienced, senior-level consultants who are experts at embedding themselves inside an organization and developing key relationships, allowing them to hit the ground running with no disruption to the business.

Tell us what type of staffing support you need, and we’ll get in touch.

So much more than a staffing agency.

Unlike a traditional staffing agency who might bring in people from the outside with no ties to the agency, all of our people are 100% ROI employees who possess a deep understanding of the modern employee experience and who specialize in both communication and change management.

And because we have longstanding relationships around the industry — including potentially inside your own business — our people are able to get up to speed quicker and form stronger connections than any outside hire.

Plus, our dedicated staffing support team members have the full breadth of ROI at their disposal, giving them immediate access to everything from creative support to writing assistance, project management, data analysis, web design, strategic advice and more. So no matter what pops up, our dedicated staff member will have the means to support you.

Types of roles we fill:
General communications support
Communications leadership (up to VP)
Creative writing
DE&I communications
Executive communications
HR communications
Editorial management
Intranet management
M&A support
Campaign management
Event support

It has been extremely rare in my career to have an agency partner who can operate as a member of my extended team on all levels

– Director of D&I, Adobe

How it works

Whether you’re looking for someone on a short-term or long-term basis, we can provide the right level of staffing support for as long as you need. What’s more, you’ll get the chance to interview our choice of consultant yourself, so that you can be sure the person you bring on is the right fit for your team.

Woman in gray blazer sits, smiling, with her hands in her lap - staffing support.
Dedicated Support
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Onsite, Remote, or Hybrid Support
Short or long-term staffing support.
Flexible & Custom Pricing

Meet some of our staffing support team members

Enhancing the wellbeing of a global workforce

I partner with my clients to bring health and wellbeing programs to life for a diverse workforce and educate employees on how their company benefits can support their mental, physical and financial wellness goals.

Jennie Ivory ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Jennie Ivory

Senior Consultant

As a communications professional who spent years working in the housing industry, Jennie knows that how you communicate is as important as what you communicate – in good times and bad.

Turning DE&I in opportunities

I help my clients, with a specialization in Tech and Fortune 100 organizations, amplify their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through strategic messaging and communications. By taking a results-driven approach, together we help build employee trust, foster belonging, and drive positive business change.

Stacey Jacobs ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Stacey Jacobs

Senior Consultant

Stacey knows what it takes to build strong relationships and engage teams to achieve big goals. With a background in teaching and corporate communication, she brings her expertise to ROI, where she helps clients develop effective communication strategies that drive results.

Executive communications support

I had the privilege of supporting the CEO of a major semiconductor company with his executive comms. Specifically, I wrote his weekly message that he would send to all employees containing the latest insights and decisions affecting the company.

Michael Lynberg ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Michael Lynberg

Vice President

Michael is the author of eight books, selling more than 500,000 copies worldwide. One of ROI’s founding members, his writing has covered everything from sports to gift giving to business management. He’s an expert at crafting speeches, newsletters and executive messages. He lives in North Carolina.

HR benefits support

I supported the Benefits & Wellbeing team at a major Silicon Valley company, where I partnered with Global Employee Comms to promote various Benefits & Wellbeing programs through companywide communications and events.

Katie Kagel ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Katie Kagel


With over two decades of experience in project management, marketing, and senior communication roles at technology and healthcare companies, Katie has a proven track record of creating award-winning strategies that engage diverse employee groups. She is an advocate for people and works to help leaders embrace the power of communication to achieve their goals.

Internal communications strategy

I developed the internal communication strategy for a global energy company. I managed a key business unit’s communications plan, supported executive communications and events, wrote and edited articles, and collaborated with communicators across the enterprise to deliver integrated, informative campaigns.

Katy Fairman ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Katy Fairman


With decades of experience under her belt, Katy Fairman has become an expert in developing and managing communication initiatives for clients in various industries. She is committed to helping leaders engage their audience with clear and informative messaging that inspires and respects.

Editorial strategy & tech writing

I managed editorial strategy for the product and technology function of a Fortune 500 tech company. I wrote and edited articles, maintained the editorial calendar and published a monthly newsletter to more than 5,000 tech leaders, employees and partners.

Byron Whitt ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Byron Whitt