Enlightened Leadership Development Program

Imagine a workplace where you and your team can thrive

The Enlighted Workplace Project.

Does your workplace inspire you and your team to thrive?

Do you experience any of these in your workplace?

  • Lack of psychological safety
  • Inability to be your authentic self at work
  • Distraction or burn-out
  • Don’t feel respected or valued for your unique contribution
  • Conflict in the workplace
  • Dysfunctional interactions
  • Insufficient inspiration or fulfillment
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Imagine a workplace where…

  • People love their jobs and look forward to coming to work
  • Teams work together with joy and collaboration to achieve shared goals
  • You feel a strong sense of renewal and energy
  • Everyone is making a difference

In this workplace, people thrive. The workplace actually inspires them to live their best lives and deliver extraordinary results.

How can you transform your workplace?

Take the First Step to Transforming Your Workplace

The Enlightened Workplace Project is a seven-module course. Each module includes six or seven short video lessons along with a Module Guide that includes a summary of key content from the module. Each module takes less than 1 hour to complete.

Every module also includes online assessments. You’ll also receive a course summary and action guide specifically for leaders and managers.


  • Retain your top talent
  • Increase productivity and morale
  • Boost employee performance
  • Improve the health of your team
  • Increase your organization’s capacity to change the world

Included in the course

  • Seven modules which include a series of video lessons
  • A guide for each module with a summary of key content
  • Online assessments for each module
  • A course summary and action guide
The Enlightened Workplace Project

“The Enlightened Workplace Project is a forward-thinking, humanistic approach to managing and inspiring people to bring their best to everything they do.”

The Enlightened Workplace Project

Who is this course for?

The Enlightened Workplace Project is for any leader or manager who desires to create a more fulfilling, purpose-driven workplace to help their business reach its full potential.

So whether you manage a small team of five or run an entire Fortune 500 company, this course will benefit you by providing the ideas necessary to create long-lasting change—the kind of change that can send ripple effects throughout your entire organization.

Joy and Fun
Computer desktop screen showing a video conference with 12 people each waiving.

What if my organization isn’t ready to be enlightened?

You, as an individual, a manager, a leader, CAN impact your workplace, even if you think your broader organization is not ready to be an enlightened workplace.

You can implement the ideas in this course on a team level, and it can spread across your organization in a grass roots manner.

This is your chance to be the leader you wish you had.

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What others are saying

“Great content with tangible ideas for bringing to life within the workplace.”

“This course is AWESOME! As a CEO of a consulting firm, I was surprised to learn where I didn’t score so high. Glad to know specifically where I (we) can improve.”

“This holistic, human approach to workplace practices is long overdue and much-needed in an increasingly disrupted world coping with intense change on so many levels.”

Course Modules

The Enlightened Workplace Project.

“People who feel seen, acknowledged, respected and accepted for who they are in their entirety, are more productive, engaged, fulfilled and successful at work.”

The Enlightened Workplace Project

Faculty and Advisors

The Enlightened Workplace Project.
Kristin Brownstone ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Kristin Brownstone

Vice President, Strategist

Dawn Speed ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Dawn Speed

Vice President, Strategist

Roger D'Aprix ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Roger D’Aprix

Vice President, Strategist

Sheryl Lewis ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Sheryl Lewis


John Robertson headshot
John Robertson

Vice President, Strategist

Lesli Gee ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Lesli Gee

Executive Vice President

Christy Lang ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Christy Lang

Vice President, Strategist

Janice Smith Collins ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Janice Smith Collins

Senior Vice President

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“Your workplace is the culture you experience inside of your organization, regardless of where you are physically.”

The Enlightened Workplace Project