Anju Treohan ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Anju Treohan


One of Anju’s favorite events is Philadelphia’s “Trash Bash” – an annual fundraiser featuring art made from found objects. As a consultant, she helps clients recognize and create surprising opportunities to motivate their teams.
About Anju
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

At a recent charity auction, Anju Treohan was intrigued by a tiny sculpture: two miniature dollhouse rocking chairs conjoined by a single arm, but facing opposite directions. The idea it suggested – opposing perspectives can rock in rhythm – also reflects her goal as a communications consultant.

Building her career on a foundation of strong tech skills, Anju developed her skills and expertise over more than 15 years as a consultant and entrepreneur, and through a graduate degree in creative writing that helped humanize her approach to corporate messaging.

“A meaningful story establishes a connection, delivers a clear message and deepens understanding,” she said. “At the heart of effective communication is good storytelling.”

Anju joined the ROI Communication team from the Project Management Institute, where she built and led the organization’s global Internal Communications function. In this role, she collaborated with senior leaders to align the internal communication strategy with enterprise goals; partnered with HR to revamp the employee experience; developed core language for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; redesigned the company intranet; optimized internal communication channels and established metrics measuring their impact; cultivated employee ambassadors through social media; developed digital content; and produced live and virtual events for employees around the globe.

Anju began her career in 2003 as a tech designer and program manager at Accenture, where she earned a reputation for developing elegant solutions to complex problems, and for building strong, collaborative relationships with clients in a wide range of industries.

Mid-career, Anju pivoted from consulting and launched her own business. For eight years, she ran her own successful beauty brand, which was recognized for excellence by Allure and USA Today. From a communication standpoint, the experience taught her “how important it was that my employees felt connected to the mission of the brand, that they understood a company achievement was also their achievement, and how their individual contributions helped the company succeed.”

Later, as a Director of Strategic Communications Programs at Comcast, she focused on change management, leading major change and employee productivity initiatives that streamlined the organization, deepened engagement, and improved business results.

Anju earned two undergraduate degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology, including a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a BS in Computer Science. Later, she earned an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School, in New York City.

An avid reader, Anju is an enthusiastic volunteer in Philadelphia’s literary community, tutoring children to think and write with clarity, and coordinating fiction panels for the city’s main literary festival. During the darkest days of the pandemic, she also launched a letter-writing workshop to help people stay engaged and connected.

When she’s not advising clients or reading her way through the stack of novels on her nightside table, Anju enjoys swimming, hiking, contemporary opera, and spending time with family and friends.