Ashley Cullen ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Ashley Cullen

Senior Marketing Coordinator

During the pandemic, Ashley taught herself to knit and crochet. In the digital world, she knows that every detail matters in communicating a bigger picture.
About Ashley
Santa Clara County, California

As a millennial born and raised in San Jose – the birthplace of Silicon Valley – Ashley Cullen is a true digital native. From that perspective, she sees three keys to effective digital engagement: a clear story, strong visuals, and authenticity.

“We live in a time when there are so many different stimuli, and everyone is consuming media constantly. So, if what you are communicating isn’t truly compelling, it’s not worth it,” Ashley said.

Ashley joined the ROI Communication team from Visit San Jose, a marketing organization focused on promoting San Jose, California – the nation’s 10th-largest city and a microcosm of multicultural America. In this role, she managed the organization’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts; produced photography and video content; wrote and edited web copy; oversaw website updates; and partnered with local leaders to develop tours and promotions.

“I like meeting people and sharing their stories,” she said. “But making a story go viral should never come at the expense of truth and authenticity. It should always be based on something real.”

Before her tenure at Visit San Jose, Ashley worked at the San Jose Downtown Association, where she helped produce live events, promoted local music and street fairs, and authored a blog on local restaurants, concerts and other cultural events. She also consulted for the City of San Jose, where – among other responsibilities – she streamlined procedures for handling citizen calls.

Ashley earned a BS in Public Relations from San Jose State University, and is fluent with a range of software, including Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Photoshop, HubSpot CRM, Asana, Canva, Drupal and WordPress. She lives in San Jose.

When she’s not working, Ashley enjoys going to hear live music and collecting vinyl records.