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Dean Elsie


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Dean has lived in the Swiss Alps and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico. As a consultant, he always puts the most towering obstacles into a helpful perspective.
About Dean
Santa Clara County, California

Dean Elsie was cross-country skiing through Yellowstone National Park when he came face-to-face with a herd of massive bison, pawing at the snow. Given the potential for danger, the moment was best served by observation, respect, and composed decision-making – the same approach that has always informed Dean’s work in corporate communication.

“I’ve learned some valuable life lessons spending time in nature, seeing and listening to what’s going on around me, and drawing from years of experience. It always helps me spot the best path forward.”

Over the past two decades, Dean has helped clients build, scale and execute communication strategies that connect leaders with their teams, enabling them to achieve more together.

Prior to joining ROI, Dean built his career at Cisco and Hewlett-Packard, supporting senior executives in virtually every aspect of corporate communications – strengthening employee engagement; acquiring and launching new businesses; navigating crises; and accelerating transformations.

“In corporate environments, numbers talk. But they don’t talk by themselves,” Dean said. “I help leaders translate numbers into more compelling stories, and I also use numbers – specifically, measurement – to help those leaders understand the true power of effective communication.”

Dean earned a BS with honors in Public Relations and Environmental Studies from San Jose State University. In addition to his native English, he is fluent in French and Spanish, and conversant in Italian. He lives in the Bay Area.

When he’s not advising clients, Dean volunteers as a guide at California’s Año Nuevo State Park, enjoys vacationing in Yellowstone, and cares for his three miniature donkeys.