Julie Boyce ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Julie Boyce

Senior Designer

Some of the clients I’ve worked with
When Julie was growing up, she loved climbing trees. As a designer, she always helps clients get to the root of every creative challenge.
About Julie
King County, Washington

Designer Julie Boyce believes that if people can see an idea, it’s much easier for them to feel it. And that core belief – reinforced through decades of collaboration with a wide range of clients – informs all of her work, whether she is producing a live experience, developing design systems and tools, serving as an art director on videos, or defining a new brand for an employee affinity group.

“I like to design solutions holistically, creating visuals that engage the audience and spark empathy,” Julie said, adding that she considers herself “the best creative co-conspirator that you can find.”

Julie joined the ROI Communication team with years of experience as both an independent consultant and in-house designer, most recently at GoFundMe, where she worked on brand identity, illustration, typography, icon and web design to enhance both employee engagement and the user experience.

One focus of her work there was designing resources for employee affinity groups, to strengthen community, celebrate her colleagues’ contributions, and help convey the sense of purpose that drives the company’s work. In this same spirit, she also helped produce live events honoring some of GoFundMe’s most inspiring users – people who responded to profound loss, trauma and heartbreak by raising money to help others. “It’s always important to tell people’s stories well, because it helps make the world a bigger and better place,” Julie said.

Prior to her tenure at GoFundMe, Julie held a wide range of design roles at boutique design firms; freelancing with nonprofits and women-owned businesses; working in magazine publishing, and making people laugh at The Onion, where she honed the art of visual satire under intense deadlines.

Julie earned a BA from DePaul University in Art + Design, a degree program focused on the intersection of technology and traditional artmaking. This experience impressed upon her the power of combining innovation and art history to capture and engage modern audiences. Among her software skills are fluency in Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Slack and GSuite.

When Julie is not putting her creativity to work for clients, she enjoys painting, knitting, cycling, studying foreign languages, and spending time with her spouse and children. She lives in Seattle.