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Majbritt Murmann

Director, Digital Strategy

Some of the clients I’ve worked with
Lam Research.
Majbritt is an abstract painter who favors oversize canvasses. As a consultant, she always helps clients see the big picture.
About Majbritt
San Mateo County

As a digital communication expert with many years of experience, Majbritt Murmann has helped clients navigate constant technological change, all the way from analog to Artificial Intelligence. Despite such radical transformation, one guiding principle still holds true: keep it simple.

“My goal is always to make it easier for people to do stuff,” Majbritt said. She traces this outlook to growing up in Denmark, where she absorbed a Scandinavian design sensibility and a very direct style of communication.

Notably, her style is built on a foundation of careful listening. “I’m an expert in digital enablement, but I know that the person I am working with is an expert in something else, and I respect that. My first job is always to ask enough questions to understand a client’s needs and goals within the bigger picture.”

Majbritt joined the ROI team with global expertise in developing digital strategy; designing intranets, websites and online self-service portals; managing online visual brands; using technology to facilitate cross-functional networking and collaboration; training web content editors; implementing change management; and helping executives and managers collaborate effectively with their IT teams to achieve company goals.

Prior to her work with ROI, Majbritt held digital management roles at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Google, and a range of Danish companies in the construction, color technology, medical, food ingredients and utility sectors – a diversity of experience that enables her to offer new clients a fresh perspective on stubborn challenges.

In all of these roles, Majbritt earned a reputation for close collaboration and significant insight, abilities that enable her to drive change and improve business results. “I’ve always been very interested in how digital tools can free up time and resources to allow people to work better together, whether they are in different time zones, different locations or side by side,” she said. “I also keep in mind that whatever a specific technology might be, it is ultimately people who are using it, so it’s always important to weave in the human element.”

Majbritt earned a MS in Technology Management from Aalborg University, in Denmark. In addition, she is proficient in using all Office 365 suite software, Teams, Viva Engage, SharePoint, Outlook, Box, Zoom, Miro, Unily, EPiServer, Typo3, Skype, Asana, and a wide range of Google programs and tools.

When not advising clients, Majbritt enjoys spending time with her family, baking bread, sailing, and walking her labradoodle Figo. She lives in the Bay Area.