Molly Souksamlane ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Molly Souksamlane

Revenue Accounting Manager

Molly raises orchids, and says the key is to give them just the right balance of water and light. At ROI Communication, she makes sure the books are beautifully balanced, too.
About Molly
Kauai, Hawaii

An expert in accounting, Molly Souksamlane was once asked to detail how her employer had spent a complex, $1.2 million federal grant. Over the course of a year, she deciphered and reorganized a massive and troubled spreadsheet, ultimately accounting for all but 76 cents. That slight discrepancy still bothers her.

“I focus on details, and I like the challenge of keeping track of them,” Molly said.

Before joining the ROI Communication team in 2010, Molly spent nearly two decades in a variety of accounting and auditing roles. At California State University, Fullerton, she worked as an accountant tracking grant spending, payroll and budgetary planning. Later, she served as an auditor for the California State Board of Equalization, which is responsible for collecting sales, fuel, alcohol and use taxes.

Shifting into the private sector, Molly became a customer service specialist at Nova Controls, a global leader in peristaltic pumps, and a purchasing analyst for the cleaning equipment maker Hydro Systems Company, where she resolved complex supply chain and invoicing issues.

Molly estimates that she has looked at literally millions of numbers during her career, and she is quick to see revealing patterns. “Numbers tell the truth, and I like helping people understand what those numbers have to say.”

Molly, who earned a BA in Business Administration and Accounting at California State University, Fullerton, is also a virtuoso with an impressive range of accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning software.

“I am always willing to take on new tasks,” she said. “It keeps things interesting.”