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Workplace Recognition

Is your company a good place to work? Is it a great place to work? Let’s make sure the rest of the world knows.

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Earning recognition for your company by making a workplace recognition list is an important achievement. Getting Great Place to Work certification, for example, not only recognizes your employees for all the great work they do, but it also signifies to potential new hires, investors, customers and media members that this is one company they ought to be part of.

But knowing which workplace recognition award to go after and pulling together all of the complex parts that go into a submission can be quite a lift for any communication or HR team. Submissions can involve a lengthy process of interviews, research and writing, requiring both time and effort. Fortunately, we’ve got loads of experience and can help guide you to ensure your company gets the recognition it deserves.

Support we can provide

Awards Strategy

It’s not always clear which awards or lists fit your company and culture best. We can help you evaluate which workplace recognition opportunities would be the best fit for your company.

Culture Audits & Culture Briefs

Whether it’s building the outline, interviewing subject-matter experts, managing approvals or editing support to finalize your essays, we can provide end-to-end support or help with just the areas you want.

Survey Communications

We can help you build a survey communication strategy, designed to motivate your employees to action, so you can receive the highest possible return rate.

Application Preparation

We’ll work with your stakeholders to compile application data, so you can spend your time where it really matters – showcasing your great workplace culture.

Survey Analysis

When the results are in, we’ll find trends in your open-ended responses, so you know exactly what actions your organization needs take to have the biggest impact on your employees’ experience.

Recent workplace recognition successes

Our client — one of the largest healthcare companies in North America — became eligible to apply for Great Place to Work certification for the first time. We helped align leadership around the value of the application and ensured their audit stayed on track. As a result, they earned a spot on the top 100 their very first year.

We support a Fortune 100 tech company with workplace initiatives and measurement tactics that are consistently included in their culture audit for award submissions that include Great Place to Work certification. Already high on the rankings, they continue to climb the top 100 list year after year.

As part of our ongoing support of a top pharmaceutical company, we helped manage the many pieces of a recent application for Great Place to Work, allowing the organization’s writing and culture to shine. They secured a spot on the top 100 list.

A great place to work! - Great Place to Work Certification.

A few workplace recognition lists we help with

Great Place to Work is perhaps the most well-known employer workplace award, but there are many others we can help you with.

Whatever the recognition, we can guide you through the process and help put together an application that gets your company the recognition it deserves.

A few other awards programs we help with:

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