Make sure your next RIF has a healthy dose of TLC.

Organizational Restructuring

It’s not a pleasant topic, but let’s face it: layoffs, reorgs and organizational restructuring are a fact of corporate life.

Probably every one of us has been through one at some point in our careers, and while they’re necessary for the long-term health of a company, they often create anxiety for everyone involved.

Series of chairs lined up in a row to indicate organizational restructuring

Organizational restructuring services we provide

As communicators, we play an important role in helping leaders navigate the process of organizational restructuring. Whether that means identifying talent gaps, streamlining organizational efficiencies or preparing teams for downsizing, we can help make sure the news gets delivered in a way that’s thoughtful, clear and empathetic.

Manager Training

The difference between a smooth organizational restructuring and a bumpy one often comes down to who delivers the message. We’ll help make sure your managers are equipped with the language, tools and support they need to communicate sensitively and compassionately.

Offboarding Prep

For the employees being moved or let go during organizational restructuring, it’s going to be a difficult time. Understandably, many will be upset and worried about their future. Also, your employees are going to have lots of questions. Some will want to voice their concerns. Others will just want to vent.

We’ll help you prepare ahead of time and avoid some common communication mistakes. We help you prepare talking points with answers to anticipated questions and create other offboarding materials to ensure a smooth transition.

Mental Health Resources

Even employees whose jobs are safe during an organizational restructuring will still be affected. Many will worry about their departing colleagues. Others will worry about what this means for the company. Productivity may suffer.

We can help you get everyone back on track by connecting employees to resources that promote mental health.