Taking big ideas from what’s possible to an operational reality.

Strategic Planning

At its core, strategic planning is about integrating the essentials of good process and good management – evaluating what you do every day through the filter of a logical procedure.  If you embrace the process, something amazing will happen: a transformation of spirit and engagement that will renew the energy and commitment of your entire team.

Out of focus wall with sticky notes - strategic planning.

Our planning process helps you move through a framework of thought, discussion and innovation – from “What is” to “What could be” to “What should be” to “What will be” – helping you and your team emerge with greater focus and motivation than ever before.

We begin by aligning with your business objectives and assembling a dedicated team of experts. Through meticulous preparation, we articulate a forward-looking vision and thoroughly assess the current landscape to identify opportunities for strategic improvement. Our focused planning sessions delve into setting priorities, defining specific objectives, and crafting innovative strategies and tactics. This structured approach culminates in establishing clear metrics and responsibilities, laying out comprehensive strategic and tactical plans that drive measurable results and enhance organizational success. With ROI Communication, you’re equipped to achieve superior outcomes in internal communications, ensuring alignment and engagement across your organization.

Strategic planning services we provide

We can help you with all aspects of strategic planning, from setting up the process and facilitating the sessions, to analyzing and executing tactical strategic plans based on the outcomes.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Engage in a half-day or full-day planning session with ROI senior strategists to help your organization achieve its goals. We’ll facilitate a session with the following steps:

  • Discuss key objectives & goals
  • Clarify the current situation including the organization’s overall business goals, priorities and vision.
  • Identify new creative approaches to enhance employee engagement that meets the shifting needs of the organization, its employee base and external stakeholders
Stategic Communication Plans

Based on the strategic planning session, we will work with your team to develop a high-level strategic communication plan, which might include:

  • Audience identification & analysis
  • Strategies & tactical solutions
  • Timeline with key deliverables, milestones & owners
  • Recommended measurement methodology with key metrics
Strategic Communication Audit

Good communication isn’t just knowing what to say; it’s also knowing when to say it, how to say it, and whom to say it to. It’s a skill that requires active listening, complex problem solving and highly creative thinking. Our team of advisors can help you sort through all the ins and outs of your communication strategy and figure out what’s missing and what can be optimized to create the best plan for your organization