Planning a Return to the Workplace

A Resiliency Guide for People Managers

April 6, 2020

How to lead during the COVID-19 crisis

How are your leaders holding up during COVID-19? As communication professionals, we’re all well-aware of the important role that front-line managers play in times of crisis. Given this, we put together a Resiliency Guide for People Managers to help them rise to the occasion. Feel free to share this guide with your managers.

We’ve been supporting our clients with their manager communications, including launching manager portals, designing manager toolkits and guides, creating special edition manager newsletters, and producing communication dashboards to help leaders stay on top of employee sentiment.

If you’re interested in a custom guide or a resiliency workshop for your managers, let us know. We’re here to help you support your leaders in successfully guiding teams through this challenge with empathy, strength and confidence.


Lesli Gee ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Lesli Gee

Executive Vice President

A founding member of ROI, Lesli is an expert at change management and HR comms expert with more than two decades helping executives design and execute large-scale change initiatives to strengthen organizational culture, streamline processes and improve performance. A 27-time marathon runner and charity fundraiser, she has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies achieve their business goals.