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The Latest IC Insights, Including Generative AI: Webinar Highlights

September 7, 2023

An ROI webinar recap, hosted in partnership with IABC Pacific Plains Region.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, internal communicators are faced with the challenge of staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies to effectively engage their workforce. A webinar hosted by ROI, featuring Janice Smith Collins and Liz Taff, shed light on the latest IC insights and shifting dynamics, including the emergence of generative AI. Here are some key takeaways from this insightful discussion.

Understanding the Landscape: The ROI Benchmark

Janice kicked off the session by reviewing the ROI Benchmark, a comprehensive study capturing the pulse of internal communication trends. Conducted in late 2022, this survey provides invaluable insights into the shifting dynamics of internal communication, offering a window into the strategies adopted by organizations as they navigate challenges brought on by the pandemic and a churning marketplace.

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Navigating Pandemic Challenges with Communication

The pandemic brought about a profound shift in the way we communicate with our teams. Janice emphasized the importance of forging genuine connections with employees during these challenging times. Tailored messaging that addresses employees’ concerns and resonates on a personal level became a cornerstone of effective communication strategies. The transition to remote and hybrid work necessitated a rethink of communication channels to ensure seamless interactions.

Crafting Employee-Centric Communication

In the ever-changing landscape of internal communications, embracing an employee-centric approach is crucial. This entails listening closely to employees to understand their communication preferences and adapting strategies accordingly. Moreover, building a robust digital communication infrastructure is essential to cater to the needs of remote and hybrid work setups.

Channel Trends and Preferences

The discussion ventured into the realm of communication channels, highlighting both the challenge of channel noise and the proliferation of digital communication tools. Catering to the preferences of remote and hybrid workers became paramount, necessitating a strategic approach to connect with a diverse audience. Additionally, the communication preferences of Generation Z employees emerged as a focal point, shaping how communicators engage with this tech-savvy generation.

In a changing work landscape, investing in digital communication is vital. With 56% prioritizing hybrid work connections, 55% focusing on mobile outreach, and 50% emphasizing communication metrics, effective channel evaluation and audience connection are key.

– Janice Smith Collins

Unraveling Reporting Structure Changes

Janice led us into the changing reporting structures within internal communications. The spotlight shifted towards marketing as a new hub for internal communications teams. While this shift offers benefits like cross-learning, challenges such as diverse stakeholder interests were also brought to the forefront.

Generative AI: A Game-Changer in Communications

Liz took the stage to introduce us to the captivating world of generative AI. The spotlight was on ChatGPT, a transformative technology that swiftly captured the world’s attention after its launch in November 2022. Liz discussed the myriad applications of generative AI, from content creation and brainstorming to translation and workflow automation.

Embracing Agility in the Age of AI

As generative AI becomes an integral part of the communication landscape, an agile mindset is our guiding light. Collaborating with legal and IT teams is key to crafting AI policies and guidelines that ensure responsible and ethical use. The integration of generative AI capabilities into third-party platforms ushers in new possibilities for optimizing communication efforts.

Ethical AI Adoption: A Responsible Approach

The discussion shifted towards responsible AI adoption, underlining the importance of involving legal and risk compliance functions in the process. Aligning AI usage with data security and regulatory standards is paramount. Embracing AI with curiosity and proactiveness while upholding ethical considerations can pave the way for a brighter and more efficient communication future.

The opportunities to really leverage Gen AI are there, and if you’re still a little bit hesitant to dive in, we’re here to say that it’s worth learning about and understanding, so that you can find ways to make yourself and your team more efficient.

– Liz Taff

Navigating Tomorrow’s Communications Landscape

The curtain closed on a note of anticipation for the future of internal communications. The integration of generative AI is set to redefine the way we engage with employees. Staying nimble in the face of dynamic changes is vital, as we welcome new tools and strategies while ensuring our ethical compass guides us toward engaging, efficient, and responsible communication practices.

In a world where communication is undergoing rapid transformation, internal communicators must continuously adapt to stay relevant and effective. The insights shared during the webinar underscored the importance of understanding emerging trends, harnessing the power of generative AI, and maintaining an agile mindset. As organizations navigate the ever-changing landscape of internal communications, proactive engagement with new technologies is key to driving success.


Janice Smith Collins ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Janice Smith Collins

Senior Vice President

With a background in journalism and marketing and over two decades in communication, Janice is a brilliant strategist and DE&I advocate on ROI’s leadership team.

Liz Hutchison Taff ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Liz Hutchison Taff

Vice President, Account Manager

With over a decade of experience managing communications within the hospitality and media industries, Liz is an expert at helping clients design communications that engage and inspire employees. She serves as the strategy and development lead for ROI’s Digital Employee Experience team.