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Measuring the Impact of Employee Communication

In measuring the impact of employee communication, it’s no surprise that this year’s ROI Communication Benchmark Report reveals, once again, that effective communication improves engagement and financial performance. We all know, as communication professionals, that effective communication is essential to engage, inspire, and empower our employees for the best business results.

What may not be clear is how to focus your employee communication resources to make the biggest impact, and how to create a compelling business case for your employee communication initiatives.

In the 2017 Benchmark Report we give 3 recommendations on where to focus your strategy and budget to get the biggest impact. These recommendations are based on a rigorous statistical analysis of survey results and financial data and ROI’s vast experience working with Fortune 500 companies over the past 15 years. I encourage you to view our infographic below and read the full report to understand where your company may be falling short, where to focus your efforts and dollars, and what steps to take to act on the following recommendations.

Where to Focus Your IC Efforts and Dollars for the Biggest Impact

  1. Develop and implement a manager communication strategy

Manager credibility is dwindling at a time when it is most needed. Enabling and supporting your managers to be strong communicators is an imperative that will be the most important project you can tackle this year, with the biggest payoff for the company.

  1. Create a strategy for measuring the impact of employee communication

Measurement is an ongoing process that evolves with communication activities, strategies and tools. Make measurement a priority because improved measurement practices predict increased financial performance.

  1. Make your content count

The quality and consistency of message content predicts financial performance and is a major contributor to an environment of trust and engagement. Capture the attention of your employees by ensuring your content is relevant, engaging, entertaining and visual.

Barbara Fagan-Smith

CEO, ROI Communication

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The following infographic  summarizes some of the key findings and opportunities from the 2017 ROI Communication Benchmark

Measuring Impact Employee Communication