Finding Inspiration in Vancouver

June 14, 2019

Finding Inspiration in Vancouver

At ROI, we firmly believe that when people are inspired, they are motivated to do great things and achieve truly extraordinary results.

At the IABC World Conference in Vancouver last week, we were thrilled and gratified to connect with so many communications professionals who share this same belief! We gleaned awesome ideas from the presenters, made terrific connections with friends old and new, applauded amazing work, and were reminded (once again) that nothing beats the power of great conversation, shared laughter, and a cuddly puppy.

Here are just a few of the inspirational ideas that we took away…

  • Nothing is more powerful that telling authentic, emotional human stories – people will always care about listening to them
  • Organizations have great power in driving positive change and innovation – and communications will be the key to making it happen
  • Technology is making connections faster and smarter than ever before – but face-to-face conversation is still the most powerful way to connect
  • It’s time to redefine our expectations about what the employee-employer relationship looks like
  • There are so, so many talented people and new ideas out there – we must never stop learning from them

As we return to our “regular” jobs, we’ll be focused on keeping the inspirational magic of learning and human connection alive and well in the work we’re doing every day. We look forward to sharing that inspiration with our clients and partners – let us know if we can help you find some!