ROI Forum hosted by S&P Global: Communicating During Business Transformations

ROI Forum hosted by S&P Global: Communicating During Business a Transformation

February 21, 2020

Senior communicators from companies including Prudential Financial, Tiffany & Co., and PepsiCo met at S&P Global headquarters for an inspirational conversation about the many aspects of communicating during a business transformation.

This forum was a bit different than others as S&P Global shared a single, robust case study about how it transformed the focus of its corporate social responsibility efforts and reignited employee engagement with its core business purpose. The Director of Communications at S&P Global shared the internal and external communications strategy behind the 2019 campaign, “Change Pays”.

S&P Global set out to discover how they could use their core competency, data, for the greater good. The answer: prove the worldwide economic impact of gender equality in the workplace to stimulate positive change. The campaign was incredibly well received by current and prospective clients and employees [Watch the capstone video on YouTube].

The forum ended with ROI’s Sheryl Lewis presentation on communicating during a business transformation, reinforcing the importance of setting vision, defining outcomes, and continually reinforcing the steps along the journey to engender support and buy-in.

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