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Masks, hand sanitizer and physically distanced workspaces are on everyone’s checklist, as companies carefully prepare to reopen their workplaces. However, many have yet to truly consider the equally important topic of what the employee experience will be like after COVID-19.  

Now is the time to thoughtfully design elements of the post-COVID-19 employee experience and plan the journey from initial re-entry to the “new normal. As an internal communication strategist, a good place to start is to bring together fellow leaders in the organization tenvision the employee experience and consider questions such as: 

  • How have we traditionally described our employee experience?  
  • What do we want our employee experience to be in the future? 
  • What is our go-forward philosophy on remote work? 
  • What will help employees feel comfortable about returning to the workplace?  
  • What impact will initial restrictions and social distancing protocols have on the employee experience? 
  • How can we include employees in validating or redefining the employee experience? 

A vision board activity is an excellent way to begin approaching these questions. Use the ROI Employee Experience Vision Board Activity to get started.

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Where to turn for help

Know that the ROI team is here to help you create your post-COVID-19 employee experience. Here are just a few examples of how we can support you: 

  • Design and facilitate an executive strategy session to gain alignment on your post-COVID-19 employee experience 
  • Design surveys and focus groups to understand what your employees value most in their future employee experience 
  • Develop communications to articulate and reinforce your unique employee experience  
  • Create change and engagement strategies to instill core elements of the experience 
  • Develop tools and deliverables for Return to the Workplace communications  


About ROI Communication

We believe people should feel inspired at work. Because inspired people deliver extraordinary results. 

We know what it takes to turn a company into a community. With 18 years of employee engagement expertise, we craft innovative, purpose-driven strategies that connect cultures and create brand champions. And we do it all — from planning and creative development, to execution and measuring results — with joy in our hearts and a commitment to doing the right thing. 



Catherine Forman, Vice President
 and Strategic Advisor, ROI 


Lesli Gee, Executive Vice President and Strategic Advisor, ROI