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The office as we know it is over—what an opportunity for communicators. As the workplace becomes less of a physical space and more of a dispersed network of employees, technology becomes increasingly important. The right technology for your remote workforce helps create an experience for employees to be fully productive, and align and engage them from wherever they are.

During our latest Tech Talk, ROI’s Director of Technology, Byron Whitt, provided insights into the essential internal communications tech stack and shared best practices for leveraging them inside organizations. Attendees learned not only about new solutions and trends, but also how to use existing technology like Teams, Slack and Zoom in innovative ways, all with the aim to better engage remote workforces. If you’re interested in seeing the presentation from the Tech Talk, please contact us.

What are ROI Tech Talks?

ROI Partner Group Tech Talks are invite-only sessions, designed exclusively for ROI Partner Group members and special ROI guests. During these sessions, members are invited to explore the featured platform, share best practices on how they’re using it, discuss launch and adoption challenges, and talk about ways that they’ve integrated the tool into their overall communication strategy.

We invite you to learn more about the ROI Partner Group and ROI Partner Group Tech Talks.

Are you interested in attending an ROI Tech Talk?

*Note: Space is limited in order to ensure a collaborative discussion. ROI Partner Group members receive priority seating. Once we receive your request, we will follow up to confirm availability.


Byron Whitt

Byron is Director of Technical Services with a strong background in digital communication strategy and transformation.

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