ROI Partner Group Tech Talk: How Are You Optimizing Your Newsletters?

ROI Partner Group Tech Talk: How Are You Optimizing Your Newsletters?

October 11, 2022

Newsletters have long been a valuable tool for communication professionals. However, advances in technology and increased competition for employee attention have led organizations to look for ways to improve how they produce and distribute digital newsletters, as well as measure their success.

John Kidon, ROI Creative Director and Digital Strategist, led a discussion about the state of email tech and the key market players driving email consumption. John explored best practices for ensuring that employees receive the best digital experience possible, starting with considering the capabilities of both the platforms powering email generation and those used by employees to view newsletters.

A roundtable of ROI team members then shared expert tips that they’ve cultivated through years of supporting ROI’s clients with newsletter content, design and governance across a selection of platforms.

To learn how you can begin optimizing your internal newsletter, check out 7 Questions to Ask Before Starting an Internal Newsletter.

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