An organizational culture change communication strategy and execution story.

Giving the Autodesk culture wings

For nearly four decades, Autodesk has navigated disruptive technology changes and platform shifts to become a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

In 2017, the company began a new era by making the Autodesk customer experience the focal point for its product and business innovation. Newly appointed CEO Andrew Anagnost gathered the Autodesk leadership team to identify the core elements Autodesk must have to fulfill its vision of helping people imagine, design and make a better world. They defined what they called the Autodesk Culture Code: the “Values” and “Ways We Work” that would enable Autodesk to become a “Customer Company.”

Communication Strategy and Execution for Autodesk

ROI quickly ascertained our objectives, captured our voice, and created a visual identity that even our CEO said is some of the best imagery he has seen at our company.

– Rita Giacalone, Autodesk Global Head of Culture, Diversity and Belonging

What was needed

The challenge: how to communicate this foundational shift in the company’s collective mindset so employees would not only be inspired by it but would embrace it? And more immediately, how to introduce the Autodesk Culture Code at an all-hands meeting that was coming up in just two weeks’ time?

But tall orders with short timeframes have never stopped ROI. In fact, you could say we specialize in them. So when Autodesk called and said they needed help introducing their Culture Code, we gathered our people and got to work on a communication strategy and execution.

Services provided

Communication strategy

Key messaging

Executive writing

Creative direction

Visual identity

Presentation design

Digital and print assets

SharePoint site design & development

Master Culture presentation designed by ROI, presented by Autodesk CEO, Andrew Anagnost

What we did

For the launch to succeed, we knew the initial all-hands presentation had to stand apart. It had to be bold, genuine and so visually compelling that it took on a life of its own—one that embodied the aspiration of the Culture Code itself. In lightning speed, we pulled together an Ocean’s 11-like team of experts across many fields, including writing, visual design and communication strategy, and we worked alongside Autodesk’s head of culture, diversity and belonging and her team to create a presentation that Anagnost himself called “some of the best imagery” he had ever seen.

But we didn’t stop there. We devised a comprehensive communication strategy and execution plan that would inspire employees at every turn, and we developed a range of communications to help bring this new culture to life, including websites, visual branding, manager toolkits, performance guides, posters, leader emails, articles and so much more. If Autodesk was going to change its way of working by embarking on this culture journey, we were going to join them by providing the communication tools they would need along the way.

Communication strategy and execution plan to rollout new culture initiative
Autodesk Culture Code visual identity

How it turned out

As a result of the work the joint ROI and Autodesk team did, the organizational culture change became real—so much so that leaders heard from employees about how much they love the direction the company is heading.

And that was just the beginning. Since that initial roll out, Autodesk partnered closely with ROI to integrate its culture into company programs and processes, and we continue to work with Autodesk on a number of fronts, making sure the changes that began three years ago remain just as effective today.

So whether it’s jumping in last minute to aid with a presentation or devising a communication strategy and execution to roll out a new way of working, there’s really no order too tall or project too big if it will help make our clients successful. You could say that’s the kind of thing we specialize in, but really, it’s just what we do.

Autodesk Culture Code sprints communications & creative support
organizational culture change

The team that made it happen

Erika Jensen ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Erika Jensen

Vice President, Account Manager

Scott Kaul ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Scott Kaul

Senior Consultant

Cindy Ann Ganaden ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Cindy Ann Ganaden

Senior Art Director

Denise Rotman ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Denise Rotman

Senior Creative Strategist