The data and insights you need

to drive initiatives and improve performance

In order to assess challenges and improve outcomes, we help clients quantify and measure their communications, allowing deeper insight into the adjustments needed for success.

Internal Communication Measurement

In business, measurement drives performance, and it’s no different with a company’s communication efforts.

Communication Audits • Polling and Crowdsourcing • Analytics • Sensing
Focus Groups • Dashboards • Real-time Listening Tools

Our Approach

Communication leaders need to know the effectiveness of their team’s initiatives and efforts. You want to be sure you’re getting the appropriate return as you invest your limited time, energy and resources.

ROI has unmatched capabilities for measuring the effectiveness of your employee communication, including a suite of the latest tools and analytics to provide you with valuable feedback so you can build on strengths, address weaknesses and adjust your course as necessary.

Internal Communication Measurement Tools and Methodology


ROI Communication Dashboard

Customized to provide critical data reporting


ROI Communication Scorecard

Best-in-class methodology to measure the effectiveness of employee communication


ROI Communication Model