Internal Communications Systems

Build an integrated communication system

meet evolving business needs and optimize the employee experience

The communication ecosystem includes an organization’s channels, processes, capabilities and technology interacting together as a system to support business goals and objectives.

Well-designed communication ecosystems enable companies to thrive in a complex environment, including an increasingly remote/distributed workforce and digital workplace. Leaders are supported to consistently communicate strategy, build trust, retain talent, uncover and solve issues, and easily access valuable insights. And employees are kept informed, engaged and agile — empowering them to deliver despite persistent and layered demands on their attention.

Our approach

ROI uses the following four guiding principles to help organizations cultivate a communication ecosystem that can optimize the experience and inspire employees, leading to extraordinary results.

  • Holistic strategies and solutions
  • Focused on business needs
  • User-centered
  • Data-driven

Services we provide

Current State Analysis • Channel, Audience, Change Readiness and Needs Assessments • Strategic Plans and Business Cases • Project Planning and Management • Platform Selection, Configuration and Design • Implementation • User Testing • Governance and Process Development