Internal Communication Tools

Today’s best internal communication tools and technologies

Communicating in fresh and inspiring ways

Using a synergistic blend of content strategy, visual design and technological solutions, ROI is focused on delivering the best end-user experience for consuming content.

Internal Communication Technology

Technology used strategically and creatively can make it easier to reach, inform, influence and engage even hard-to-reach audiences. Communication technologies help ensure information reaches the correct target audiences in the most effective way and make the information being communicated more relevant, compelling and engaging.

Intranets • eBooks • Interactive Training • Digital Signage
Social • Gaming • Mobile • Prezi • Presentation Platforms

Our Approach

We utilize existing and emerging technologies – including social, gaming and mobile – to make your communications dynamic and effective. The end result: a more engaged workforce and messaging they act on and remember.

Client Examples


Interactive Books

An interactive eBook using gamification and storytelling pulls employees in


KLA Journey Map

Employees explore company culture and values with an interactive Journey Map


Sales eNewsletter

Driving sales teams to reach the bottom line through regular newsletters