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Workshops for communicators

Lift your team’s communication efforts with ROI’s internal communicator workshops. Our expert-led workshops are specially designed to help you and your team enhance your skills and to think about your work differently through shared best practices and facilitated discussions on a variety of important internal communicator topics.

ROI’s workshop series was developed by tenured communication professionals with decades of experience working with dozens of clients. Topics include leveraging AI in communication, optimizing digital communication channels, engaging employees in a hybrid workplace and creating effective communication strategies for leaders.

Our workshops are virtual, live sessions and we offer the option to record them for you to revisit later on demand. If you prefer, we can conduct workshops onsite with your team. Workshops are available by topic, so you can pick the one relevant to you or save by bundling the full series.

Our sessions are just the extra something you need to get your team reaching new heights.

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How we deliver our workshops

Select your preferred format—either virtual or onsite at your office location—or partner with one of our experts to train on how to lead a session yourself for your team.

Online – 1 hour

using a platform of your choosing with ROI facilitating a virtual meeting

Online – 2 hours

using a platform of your choosing with ROI facilitating a virtual meeting and deeper interactive discussion


at your organization with ROI leading the workshop in person

Materials and timing of our workshops

Before your workshop, ROI will meet with you to understand your needs and your goals. Then we’ll conduct the one to two hour team workshop at a convenient time for you. We’ll also provide resources and follow up on any post-training questions or action items.


time will allow us to get to know you, your goals and your expectations around timing

Materials received

will include workshop recording, transcript summary and any additional suggested resources


will include a 45-minute check-in to follow up on questions or additional learnings



Transforming communication in a hybrid workplace

Explore the best ways to optimize communications for your hybrid workplace.

Learn strategies and actionable insights, backed by industry expertise and the latest data, to transform internal communications in the hybrid work era. In this session, you’ll discover how to foster a dynamic, inclusive, tech-driven workplace that empowers collaboration and work-life balance. We’ll look at ways to combine the latest technology with a test-and-learn philosophy to create a workplace that works for everyone.



The secret to giving great presentations

Develop the skills to deliver pitch-perfect presentations that leave your audiences wanting more.

For most people, giving a presentation can be scary. There’s a lot at stake, and all eyes are on you. As communicators, however, we have to push past this fear, as our role requires us to speak in front of executives, teams or an even an entire organization. In this session, we’ll help you hone your presentation skills and develop your ability to command a room and hold people’s attention. We’ll share a number of effective content strategies and delivery techniques you can use to ensure your next presentation succeeds no matter how big the moment—or how important the audience.



Developing managers and leaders into effective communicators

Help your managers and leaders develop the communication skills and strategies to become more effective role models.

As communicators, our job is to help managers and leaders get the most out of their people and empower them to achieve business success. In this session, we’ll explore the critical role managers and leaders play in setting the tone for an organization and look at why communication is such a necessary component toward building healthy and productive teams. We’ll share some important insights and strategies you can use to help the people managers in your organization become better communicators and, in return, stronger, more effective leaders.



Building an intranet strategy for the modern workplace

Boost the effectiveness of your digital platform with some practical tips to enhance your intranet and drive greater engagement.

We invest an enormous amount of time and energy in our company intranets, constantly creating fresh content or evaluating the user experience. But is our work delivering the engagement we want? In this workshop, we’ll review the latest trends in intranet design and examine best practices for keeping your content accessible, up to date and relevant for today’s employees.



Using AI in communications

Learn the most effective ways to use AI for content creation and other communication tasks.

Explore the ins and outs of how communicators are incorporating ChatGPT in their daily work. In this session, we’ll demystify AI terminology and help you learn the different AI tools that are being used in communication today. We’ll examine potential guardrails, privacy implications and other known issues associated to ensure safe usage of AI across your communication needs.



Writing effective AI prompts

Become a pro at using ChatGPT and other AI tools by learning to write the best prompts.

As anyone who uses ChatGPT knows, getting useful results is not about what you ask; it’s about how you ask it. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into prompt design for ChatGPT and other generative AI communication tools. You’ll learn how to write effective prompts that yield the best results for generating content. Together, we’ll explore insider techniques to optimize prompts in communication-related tasks and advanced strategies to achieve more precise outcomes.