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ROI Tech Talk: How Are You Distributing Your Employee Videos?

January 10, 2023

Research shows that our brains process visuals faster than text. For this reason, it’s no surprise that most communicators are leveraging video to cut through noise and reach employees. Our latest ROI Benchmark shows 94% of communicators use video to share information with employees. The Benchmark also outlines how storytelling, portability and measurability of content, all hallmarks of video formats, will be a key priority for many communicators in the near future.

However, producing great storytelling content in a video format is only one part of the equation

How do you ensure it reaches your largest target audience?

Not considering the right distribution methods can result in limited viewership, or worse – an unwatched video.

Even more, once your content reaches your intended audience, how does the experience that serves the video up impact the user’s engagement with it?

It’s important to not only reach your target audience, but also to understand how they are interacting with your content and whether it is achieving the desired results.

What methods will you use to measure the effectiveness of your distribution strategy and the user’s engagement with the video?

Melanie Barna, ROI SVP of Creative and Marketing, along with KareyAnne Hill-Peterson, ROI Senior Art Director, led a discussion on how to create a video delivery and display strategy that maximizes impact.

Julie Weissbach of Warner Music Group also shared how she worked with ROI to devise a unique video distribution strategy for Warner’s Return to Work campaign that led to record-breaking results.

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