Total Rewards HR

Attracting and retaining top talent

has never been more challenging – and critical

We help your organization shape company culture, keep employees engaged and manage morale through these unprecedented times of growth and change.

Total Rewards HR Communication

There's an intense battle going on, and your organization is in the thick of it.

It's the battle to attract, engage and retain the best possible talent – people who are critical to your organization's growth and success.

How do you prevail? Effective employee communication is one of the keys, and HR plays a vital role. In fact, the way your team communicates can mean the difference between just coasting along – or worse, getting stuck in the mud – and soaring to the top. It can mean the difference between a complacent workforce and one that is a true competitive advantage.

ROI can help your HR team reach new heights and become best in class in the way you communicate with employees. As a result, your employees will:

  • Be more inspired by your organization's purpose, values and culture
  • Be more excited about being part of the exceptional workplace you're trying to create
  • Have a deeper understanding of their opportunities to develop and grow
  • Feel more valued for their contributions
  • Be better equipped to perform at their best and contribute to your organization's success

Our Approach

ROI offers a blend of award-winning creative talent along with business and technical expertise. This includes the realm of HR, employer branding, employee value propositions, Total Rewards HR, compliance and effective communication technologies.

As an invaluable extension of your team, we will:

  • Deliver both strategic counsel and hands-on support
  • Share our insights into best practices at top companies
  • Implement fresh, customized and innovative solutions that fit just right for you
  • Create effective and sustainable processes that last
  • Make an impact by making things happen

Our goal: to help you support your organization's strategy and priorities by driving employee engagement through clear and effective communication.

Research and Trends in HR

2016 HR Challenges Report: Diversity, Data and the Downfall of the Performance Review

ROI conducted an in-depth study with Chief HR Officers from leading U.S. companies to learn more about their biggest challenges of 2016 and, most importantly, what they are doing to tackle them. Despite working in organizations of different sizes, industries and geographies, the vast majority of these HR leaders cited the same pressing challenges:

  • How do we shape company culture amidst growth and change?
  • How can we compete for talent, especially from younger generations?
  • What is the best way to manage morale and engagement when times are tough?
  • How do we adapt to the dramatic changes in the way work is being done?
  • What is the best way to tap into the proliferation of data analytics?
  • How do we quickly onboard and integrate talent in times of rapid growth and globalization?

Read our in-depth report of the challenges and solutions shared by our study's HR leaders. These trends bring tremendous opportunity. Keep a sharp lookout, scan the horizon and act boldly to reshape your way of working so that your company can come out ahead — stronger, healthier and ready for the future.

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    Avery Dennison Client Example

    Avery Dennison Diversity Campaign  working to make inclusion part of their company DNA


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