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ROI Partner Group Tech Talk: How to Get the Most Out of ChatGPT

August 14, 2023

As artificial intelligence continues to integrate into everyday technology and applications, it’s important to understand how to use AI successfully and yield the outcomes we desire. ChatGPT has sparked curiosity in folks of varying tech skill levels – and those who are using ChatGPT for the first time may be disappointed in outcomes.

In the second part of our AI Tech Talk mini-series, we shared insider techniques for better prompts and more creative outcomes while using AI tools, focusing specifically on ChatGPT.

What is prompt engineering?

You’ve probably heard the term “prompt engineering” in conversations surrounding AI. We go over what it means and why it’s important.

What prompt techniques can be used to achieve more precise outcomes?

We reviewed the basics of prompting, including the use of keywords and context, chain prompting and code-based notations that will help ChatGPT produce better results.

What are some of ChatGPT’s content limitations?

ChatGPT is powerful and is improving every day – but there are several limitations that come with using a tool that lacks sentience.

How can you use ChatGPT right now?

We discussed various ways you can leverage ChatGPT including data and document summarization, brainstorming, personalized messaging, and more.

Melanie Barna, ROI SVP of Creative and Marketing, along with Byron Whitt, ROI Director, led the discussion for ROI Partner Group members and invited guests.

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