ROI Partner Group Tech Talk: How Are You Optimizing Your Newsletters?

ROI Partner Group Tech Talk: The Power of AI and ChatGPT in Internal Communications

June 13, 2023

Chances are you already benefit from AI in many of the tools you use daily. Most of us don’t realize the AI-driven backbone supporting the applications we interact with daily. From facial recognition on your phone to personalized recommendations on Netflix, spam filters in your email, navigation options on Waze, and even credit card fraud alerts, AI has become an integral part of everyday life, enhancing convenience, personalization, and efficiency.

So, if AI has been steadily incorporated into our lives over the years, why over the past six months have we been inundated with information on the explosive growth of AI?

In the first part of our AI Tech Talk mini-series, we delve into these topics and explore how AI tools work, what communicators are using them for, and the challenges and warnings to consider when using them.

What are the key elements of an AI tool and how do they work?

We demystified terms like AI, machine learning and neural networks, and discussed how they power tools like ChatGPT.

What are the guardrails and potential issues associated with AI?

There are a few concerns with using AI in the workplace. This includes privacy concerns and misinformation.

How is AI already being used in communication?

AI is for more than just content generation. AI can be used for crisis communication, analyzing sentiment, chat tools and translation.

Melanie Barna, ROI SVP of Creative and Marketing, along with Byron Whitt, ROI Director, led the discussion for ROI Partner Group members and invited guests.

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