The future is here, and it says hello — literally.

AI Communication & Training

AI is reshaping the world and our workplaces — from informing communication strategies and predictive analytics to generating personalized content and streamlining processes. The potential of AI is massive, offering internal communicators unparalleled opportunities to scale.  As communication professionals are tasked with AI communication planning and up-skilling in what was already a crowded landscape of digital offerings, staying up to speed with the latest Gen AI offerings, platforms and skills will be a strategic imperative for high-performing communication teams.

AI communication and training services we provide

Thinking of using AI for your employee communications? We’re here to help! Whether that’s with planning the communication rollout, crafting the messaging, creating toolkits and readiness guides, or drafting governance policies and FAQs, there’s a lot we can do to help you prepare.

AI Communication Planning & Delivery

From planning your communication strategy across your organization to clicking the send button, we can help you successfully bring your AI communication plan to life.

Training, Toolkits & Readiness Guidelines

We bring real-world experience and knowledge to our resources that will help your employees adopt and understand how to use AI correctly. We have training, toolkits and readiness guides for both your team and your peers.

AI Change Management

Introducing a new process or enterprise tool can be tricky. A lot depends on how well you manage people’s expectations and prepare them for what’s to come. We’ll help with change management and ensure AI usage by employees becomes an enabler and not a distractor.

Need help with using AI for employee communications?

Wondering if you’re AI ready?

Not sure whether your team will embrace AI or still deciding how best to use it? Is leadership asking what AI tools exist in your communication tech stack that can support organizational goals? Bring us in so we can perform an assessment while you tend to what’s on your already full plate.

Comms & AI Tools Evaluation

We’ll evaluate your communication processes, show you where AI can help and identify which tools to consider for specific tasks. We can also take a look at the platforms and operating systems you already have (or want) and how to make the most of them.

Integration Strategy

We help teams balance the potential of AI with a thoughtful, human-centric approach. We will assist you in defining your desired outcomes for your AI integration strategy, considering the employee experience and ensuring that we meet your organizational goals.

Usage Guidelines & Governance

We’ll guide your communication teams in setting standards and processes that align with your company’s policies — covering bias assessment, human oversight and ethical considerations — ensuring effective governance systems are in place for your team.

How we provide AI support for our clients


ChatGPT serves as great partner in brainstorming, particularly when trying to generate new headlines or creative naming ideas. Using techniques like temperature, I can control the variety of suggestions and create a range of ideas from the conventional to the very unexpected. Both the variety and the speed at which it can generate the ideas enrich brainstorming sessions and aid in more productive and efficient decision-making.

Melanie Barna

Senior Vice President

Adobe Sensei & Firefly

Adobe’s AI features have changed the game in editing client videos, making things smoother and cutting down on editing time with fast transcriptions and audio optimization for podcasts. Also, its ability to generate truly unique images helps us make stories come to life in client presentations, with visuals that you can’t find in regular stock photo collections.

KareyAnne Hill-Peterson

Senior Art Director

Generative Imaging

On client projects, our team utilizes AI-based Generative Expand to quickly customize and enhance photo backgrounds that don’t meet specifications, saving time and ensuring top-quality images. Our AI can reposition subjects or add missing parts in tightly cropped images. This greatly improves productivity, turning lengthy tasks into quick, efficient work.

John Kidon

Vice President, Creative Director